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How to prevent getting sick from Winter.

No one ever wants to get sick in winter, and no one plans for the flu or cold to wreak. When the temperature gets colder, at work you may be exposed to a huge number of germs. The flu virus is more active in cold air, which also encourages flu season to continue until warmer weather arrives.

In small, areas like offices, sick workers are likely to touch the surface on the way in and out of the working place including tables, sinks, bathrooms, electronic appliances, and conference rooms. Operating an office in the rough winter month can present additional challenges to the company. Here are a few ways to protect you and your workplace from flu and cold.

How to prevent getting sick from Winter?
  1. Dress warmly

Add an extra layer of cloth in a way that makes you warm. It’s been proven that breathing in cold air through your nasal passes affected their ability to combat more germs. Put extra pair of socks, and a warp scarf around your neck.

  • Adding an extra layer of clothes helps you avoid flu and winter sickness.
  • Prepare the vegetable soups to make your body warm.
  • Wash your hand

Washing your hand regularly is one of the best ways to prevent yourself from getting sick. The virus remains stronger and longer due to cold temperatures. While sneezing and coughing a lot of viruses and bacteria come in contact with our hands. It is very important to avoid touching your face, your eyes, and your mouth with dirty and infected hands.

  • Wash your hand regularly with warm water and soap.
  • After using the bathroom always wash your hand.
  • Use alcohol-based sanitizer to sanitize your hand.
  • Make sure you are using proper hand-washing techniques.
  • Cough etiquette

Coughing is something we all do. Using proper techniques while coughing can help to decrease the spread of germs. One sick employee coming into the office quickly lead to the workplace being affected, so give the sick employee time to recover.

  • Cover your mouth with a tissue while coughing.
  • Proper disposal of tissue
  • Wash your hand with soap and water after coughing
  • Encourage your sick staff to stay home
  • Keep your surroundings clean

A clean environment plays a vital role to keep your workplace free of germs and dust. Clean office surroundings can help germs to a minimum and potentially even increase business productivity. Disinfect the surface which comes in contact with people including keyboards, staplers, phones, fax machines, etc.

  • A clean and neat exterior helps to build up your confidence and impression.
  • Empty the dustbins to avoid bad odor.
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting the hard surface will help to maintain a fresh environment.
  • Refill paper towels, soap, sanitizer, and disinfectant.

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