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Some of the Best Office Cleaning Tips

Best Cleaning Tips For New Year

Do you want to know about the best office cleaning tips? In this Blog, you can read and get knowledge about office cleaning.

Let’s Start!

Maintaining a clean and tidy environment inside your office wonders for business progress and a great welcoming environment for your valuable customers. Cleanliness provides an enjoyable and healthy working environment. If you run an office, make sure it stays neat, clean, and well-organized. To maintain your workplace’s healthy and hygiene you must have the following cleaning materials with you.

List of basic cleaning materials

  • All-purpose stain remover solution.
  • Baking soda to clean sinks.
  • Cleaning Brush, dustpan, and broom
  • Disinfecting solution
  • Floor and carpet cleaning solution
  • Kitchen cleaners
  • Wood polish
  • Vinegar for surface and floor cleaning
  • Trash bags
  • All-purpose mop
  • Window and glass cleaner
  • Micro-fibre cloth/ cotton cloth
  • Paper towels
  • Hand soap
  • Feather duster to clean computer screen

Two major types of office cleaning

Daily cleaning schedule

  • Empty the trash bags/cans
  • Refill the soap, tissue, and towels
  • Sweep and mop toilets and bathroom
  • Disinfect kitchen
  • Proper organization of office clutter
  • Sanitize the sinks
  • Weekly cleaning schedule
  • Vacuum all floors and carpets
  • Clean every visible marking and walls
  • Polish hardwoods
  • Mop all tile
  • Empty and disinfect all trash bags and cans.
  • Disinfected tables cubic and desks.

The most important tips for cleaning the office are:

  1. Keep your desk organized
  2. Cleaning office disks and cubic
  3. Don’t overlook electronics
  4. Empty the dustbin
  5. Keep your toilet and bathroom clean
  6. Cleaning the outside area of the office
  7. Cleaning office reception and waiting area
  8. Cleaning office kitchen and breaks rooms
  9. Keep the right cleaning materials
  10. Switch to an environment-friendly product
Office cleaning tips

Step-by-Step guide of the cleaning process

1. Keep your desk organized

In this area, employees sit and work, and share tables and desks. Clean the computer screen and other electronic appliances. Proper vacuuming under and around of disk helps to maintain a clean and neat working environment in your office. Recycle the papers and empty the dust bins frequently. Disinfect the surface which comes into contact with people including keyboards, staplers, phones, fax machines, etc.

2. Cleaning office disks and cubic

A low level of cleanliness has more negativity on office productivity. Encourage the employee to keep their desks and cubic neat and clean after finishing work as soon as possible.

To do this make sure you have a regular schedule of cleaning. Clean the dust off desks, racks and other surfaces frequently.

3. Don’t overlook electronics

Dust is attached to the surface of electronic appliances famously, which decreases the performance of devices. By using soft microfiber and cotton cloth you can remove the dust from the monitor, keyboard, and others devices. Disinfectants also will be a great idea.

4. Empty the dustbin

Recycle the renewable waste as soon as possible, also encourage the employee to dispose of the rubbish by placing bins around the different corners of your office. Empty the bins twice a week.

5. Keep your toilet and bathroom clean

All types of bathrooms need regular cleaning. Clean the sinks, and sweep the floor of debris. Replace the wet towel and empty the toilet paper. Make sure that all of the hand dryers are working well. Sanitizing and disinfecting the hard surface will help to maintain a fresh environment.

6. Cleaning the outside area of the office

Also, clean the exterior of your office. A clean and neat exterior helps to build up your confidence and impression. Make sure the parking area of the office is free of obstacles like branches of trees. Empty the dustbins to avoid bad odour. Clean the window glass and make sure dirt does not streak on it.

7. Cleaning office reception and waiting area

Organize the magazines, books, and welcoming seats for customers and guests. Dust at least once a week. Clean the floors and carpets of the waiting area frequently. Clean the glass of windows. Don’t forget to clean out the filters and coffee machine in the lobby.

8. Cleaning office kitchen and breaks rooms

Make sure food is disposed of as soon as possible. It is important to clean sinks, worktops tables, and kitchen appliances like a toaster, and microwave at least once a day. Clean the disinfected surface like tables and counters frequently.

9. Keep the right cleaning materials

People use the wrong cleaning product. The labels given on cleaning products direct you to use products in the proper ways and volumes. Always keep the right products in touch which helps you encourage to keep a neat environment inside your workplace.

10. Switch to an environment-friendly product

Switching to green and chemical-free products is better for the environment. There are so many benefits to switching to green products including improvement in human health, and a superior and fresh echo system. Supporting eco-friendly products reserves the future of your family.

Wrapping Up!

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