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We love wood furniture and wooden floors for their durability and natural beauty. Cleaning hardwood floors and furniture are a tough job. Plenty of dust, dirt, and spills gathered on the surface of wooden floors and furniture. So it is very important to know how to remove water stains from wooden furniture.

What is water staining?

Water staining is a spot of mineral deposited at a certain place where water evaporates. Water stains make the floor surface dull. It can also cause damage to the surface and also can cause cracks.

Water stains usually have dim color variance, urine stains are black and heat stains are white. Below are the types of stains with their respective removing guides.

 Types of water stains.

  • White Stains

White stains are the type of wood stains that described the discoloration of the surface which only affects the finishing of the wood floors. This type of stain is found in newly installed wood floors. White stains do not affect the old oiled floors.

  • Black Stains

Black stains penetrate deep into the wood and can affect any type of wood. Black stains are darker in tone and give a visible effect. Due to using of the multilayer nature of this type of stains problem arises to remove the stains.

Mechanism of Removing White Stains

Removing white stains from the surface of wood furniture is a thought-and-error process. This process is a well-known trial process.  Removing white stains is hard because water stains have various surface layer stains which only affect the finishing, and depth of the wooden furniture.

Guides for removing white stains from furniture:

  • Baking soda & water

Make a fine paste of baking soda with water. Rub the paste into the stain using a thin layer of cloth and leave for 24 hours.  After removing the paste from the furniture, apply furniture polish and leave it overnight. This procedure helps you to remove any kind of white stains from your furniture.

  • Mineral oil

Mineral oil also helps remove white stains. Apply a thin layer of mineral oil using a soft cloth. Repeat this process for several minutes, and leave for 24 hours. This procedure breaks down the water stains from your furniture.

  • Mineral spirits

Mineral spirit creeps into the wood furniture surface.  It breaks down the water stain in one single process. Where using mineral oil is less effective and has to repeat the same process. This procedure breaks down the water stains from your furniture within 24 hours.

Guides for removing black stains from furniture:

Removing black stains from the surface of wood furniture highlights the problems in removing any wood floor finish to gain access to the stained wood.

Guides for removing black stains from furniture:

  • Bleaching

Bleaching is a type of black stain removal procedure. Bleaching is a last resort and directly creeps into the wood deeply. Applying a thin layer of chlorine bleach to the wood furniture help to break the water stains off the furniture. The bleaching method can take several hours. By using a damp sponge you can remove the bleach thoroughly. Again apply the thin layer of vinegar to remove the remaining stains from the furniture.

  • Sandpaper

Sandpaper helps to remove stains from the surface of wood furniture. Rubbing the sandpaper over the stains in the direction of grains helps to break down the water stains. We can apply sandpaper in the case when water stains have not penetrated too deeply into the wood furniture. You can also use sandpaper with the help of steel wool on the edges of wood furniture.

What problems water staining can cause:

  • Discoloration in paints.
  • Surface etching.
  • Cracks in the surface.

How to remove water stains from wood furniture?

Before removing the stains from the wood surfaces, examine which kind of water stains is it. Cleaning furniture surfaces are tough so it is important to note which kind of stain it is and then only you apply the cleaning techniques

Below are some methods to remove the stains from the wooden surface.

  • Combine olive oil and vinegar

Take a small bowl, and mix the equal part of olive oil and vinegar. Apply the mixture to the surface of the wood furniture and rub with the soft cloth, wiping in the direction of the grain. This mixture helps to remove the stains from the wooden surface.

  • Remove water rings with mayonnaise

The mayonnaise oil used in the kitchen helps to remove the water stains. It is quite surprising but fixed water stains. Mayonnaise helps with the disposal of moisture in the water ring. Dip a paper towel on the mayonnaise and let it sit on the stains overnight. Wipe the mayonnaise clean soft cloth and polish the surface. 

  • Use an iron to remove stains from the wood surface.

Before starting the cleaning process with an iron, lay clean cotton cloths over the watermark. Make sure there is no water in the iron and set the lower temperature. Warm the iron once and set the iron over the cotton cloth and check the stains. Repeat this process several times. This method is perfect for removing stains that are damp rather than setting them new ones. It evaporates moisture and helps to get rid of water stains.

  • Remove water rings with a hairdryer.

Removing the water stains with a hairdryer works best on freshwater stains. Grab a hair dryer and set the highest temperature. Set the dryer towards the stains and hold until the stains disappear. Finishing the process by polishing the furniture with oil, olive oil also works as a polishing element.

  • Use toothpaste to get rid of water stains

Toothpaste can also help to remove water stains from the surface of wooden furniture. Dap the amount of toothpaste onto the stain. Gently rub the mark of stains until the stain is completely removed. Wipe away the stain with the help of a cloth or paper towel.

FAQs about Removing Water Stains From Wood:

Q. What is the best water stain remover for old watermarks?

A. Mayonnaise can work best to remove old watermarks from wooden floors and furniture. . Mayonnaise helps to remove the moisture and the cloudiness that accompanies it.  Dip a paper towel on the mayonnaise and let it sit on the stains overnight. Wipe the mayonnaise clean soft cloth and polish the surface.

Q. Does the above-shared method works for finished wood?

A. Yes, using mayonnaise, clothing iron and toothpaste can help to minimize water stains and damage on the wooden floors and furniture.

Q. What types of wood finishes are water resistant?

A. Polyurethane wood finishes are water resistant.

Although soft stains can be removed by yourself, hiring a professional cleaner means you don’t have to get worried about anything. Just hire a professional cleaner and get the job done in the most professional manner. Hire the best cleaner, Hitech Cleaning and Placement Services, and make your home clean and tidy. Dial now: +977 985-1190608

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