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Wood flooring is a type of natural permanent flooring. It is an eco-friendly and durable product manufactured from timber. Some of the most popular species of timber used in wood flooring are Oak, Walnut, Cheery and Maple. Due to its high heat resistance capacity, it is better for stone floors, tiles and laminated floors. Wood floors bring earthy and natural beauty to your home. If you take proper care then only it is durable for decades.

4 steps that you have to apply while cleaning the wood floor. By following the tips provided by us you can keep them looking lovely for decades.

Step 1: Choose an angled and soft-bristled broom.

Do not apply hard objects to remove dust from the floor, it will scratch the floor. Use a soft and angled broom for the floor.

 Step 2: Vacuum the floor with a soft brush.

 While vacuuming use a floor brush instead of a beater bar attachment. You have to do this once a week depending upon the number of family members and pets you have in your home.

 Step 3:  Quick remove dust with clean cloths.

  You can use a liquid cleaner, and also the wood cleaning material to clean the wood floor. We suggest you use a microfiber mop to lift up the dust and hair of your pets from the floor.

Step 4: Use the flat-headed mop and microfiber string.

Using a flat-headed mop you will be able to remove any kind of dust and dirt attached to the floor. It does not scratch the wood floor.

5 ways to Avoid damage to your wood floors.

How to Clean Wood Floors
  • Don’t ignore sticky and wet floors.

The dust and oil sticks on the floor won’t go by themselves. We have to take proper care of the floor, it can damage the surface of the floor. You can apply liquid cleaner or commercial wood cleaning material to remove the sticky and wet floors.

  • Don’t place heavy equipment over the floor.

Placing heavy equipment over the floor can cause damage. While cleaning the floor you have to take proper care of the equipment which you are using, you can use the floor-cleaning machine which is specially designed for wood floor cleaning purposes.

  • Avoid using the wrong cleaning product.

You must have knowledge of the product that you are using for cleaning. Applying the wrong product can damage the floor. Wood floors are made from timber so why do we have to take special care of them there are several products available on your near market but you have to choose the product according to the types of your wood flooring. Names of cleaning products that are easily available on market is Lizol, Sabal, Flo, etc.

  • Be aware of flooding.

 Moisture can damage your floor. Standing water and wet can create moisture between the boars of the floor, which shrinks and expand the size of the floor. So, don’t leave standing water on the floor, if you see any standing water, clean it immediately.

  • Don’t apply steam cleaning.

Don’t try to apply steam cleaning on your wood flooring. You can apply steam cleaning on tiles, and stoned floors but not never on the wood floor.

Five Component that makes your wood floor shine.

Here we are providing you with a key component that makes your wood floor look lovely for decades.

  • Citric Acid

Citric Acid is the main component that makes your floor look lovely. It comes with an alkaline ingredient which helps to achieve a neutral ph level which breaks the dust and dirt off your wood floor.

  • Oxidizers

Oxidizers are the component which releases hydrogen peroxide and helps in busting dust particles on the floor. It gives extra strength to the floor.

  • Solvents

Solvents speed up in the drying process, it helps in reducing moisture and makes the cleaning process faster.

  • Chelators

Chelators are used in domestic/ floor cleaning. It helps to prevent the ions found naturally in water. Mainly it is used in method’s cleaning to prevent water from forming soap scum or spotting.

  • Surfactants

Surfactants are compounds that lower the interfacial tension between two types of liquid which helps in loosely packed of the dust it removes the mop.

 Four Homemade Wood Floor cleaning components

  • Water and vinegar

Vinegar and water is the best homemade cleaner to clean the woof floor. Put one part of vinegar into the three-part of water and mix well. Once you are done with the mixing process you can apply to the floor.

  • Water and essential oils

After applying the mixture of water and vinegar you may fine smell vinegar. By adding a few drops of essential oil( lemon oil, rose, and Cedarwood) to the mixture. Now you can fill the lovely smell around your house.

  • Water and liquid soap(plant-based)

The plant-based soap helps to remove the dust from the floor. Mix one part of the liquid shop with ten parts of the water and apply to the floor

  • Black tea

Black is an excellent cleaning agent. It has been used for decades to clean the wood floor. Boil water and put 3 bags of tea and give continuous high frame heat for upto 15 minutes, Once it cools down spread over your floor gently and let it dry this gives new life to your wood floor.

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