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Deep Cleaning vs Standard Cleaning

Cleaning is the process removing of dust, dirt, crumbs, and germs from the surface of an object. Cleaning is performed for functional, hygienic, environmental safety, or simply safety purposes. Life can be busy, and cleaning your home from top to bottom could take more time. Vacuuming, dusting, doing dishes, laundering, and wiping the infected and touching surfaces of your home are left out of the daily burden.

Deep and standard cleaning are basic types of cleaning processes. The key difference between deep and standard cleaning is deep cleaning typically takes longer than the other general types of cleaning. Deep cleaning involves more frequent and thorough cleaning activities. It is a complete and routine cleaning process that removes visible dirt from the surface as well as germs and bacteria. This cleaning process focuses on frequently touched surfaces and accessible spaces. Whereas, standard cleaning is something that an owner of a house does regularly to keep and maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of their house. This cleaning process includes vacuuming the floors, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, dusting, and general type of cleaning.

What is included in the deep cleaning process?


The deep clean leaves your bathroom sparkling and sanitized. The deep cleaning of the bathroom might include:

  • Cleaning around the basin
  • Disinfecting knobs
  • Scrubbing grout
  • Disinfecting wastebaskets
  • Removing the stains from tiles
  • Removing soap scum from fixtures


The deep cleaning of your kitchen ensures the removal of all the grease and food remnants. The deep cleaning of the kitchen might include:

  • Cleaning under and behind every appliance
  • Cleaning and disinfecting small appliances too
  • Disinfecting switches and knobs
  • Cleaning inside the microwave, oven, and refrigerator.
  • Cleaning and organizing drawers and cabinets

General spaces

General cleaning is also called normal cleaning. General cleaning includes cleaning floors, wiping the touch surfaces, and putting things where they belong. The deep cleaning of the general surface might include:

  • Cleaning under and behind the furniture
  • Cleaning blinds
  • Cleaning baseboards, window frames, and door frames.
  • Wiping vent covers
  • Polishing the furniture
  • Vacuuming every corner
  • Dusting individual decorations

Pros of deep cleaning:

  • Deep cleaning is a great way to find fulfilment.
  • Deep cleaning pushes the reset button to your daily life.
  • Deep cleaning allows one to focus on the detailed cleaning at a time.
  • Clean and healthy living space.

Cons of deep cleaning:

  • Sometimes it may be stressful.
  • Deep cleaning can be depressing.
Deep Cleaning and Standard Cleaning

What is included in the Standard cleaning process?


In the standard cleaning process dusting and washing of all reachable surfaces are focused. This cleaning process is done by house owners day-to-day. The standard cleaning of the bathroom might include:

  • Wiping stains and sanitizing them
  • Mop all floors
  • Take out the trash and recyclables
  • Wipe all the reachable surfaces


The standard cleaning process of the kitchen includes day-to-day activities carried out to clean the kitchen. The standard cleaning of the kitchen might include:

  • Wash and scrub the sink
  • Mop all floors
  • Light switches
  • Clean countertops
  • Clean all appliances including the microwave from inside and outside
  • Wash cabinet faces and appliances

Bedrooms and Common Areas

The standard cleaning process of the bedroom and common areas includes the cleaning of sheets and all reachable surfaces. The standard cleaning of bedrooms and common areas might include:

  • Fixing the beds
  • Change linens
  • Mop the common areas
  • Take out trash and recyclables

Pros of standard cleaning:

  • Standard cleaning promotes better health and the environment.
  • Standard cleaning helps to increase productivity.
  • Maintain time table for each task.

Cons of standard cleaning:

  • You end up feeling like you don’t understand anything about cleaning.

Wrapping Up!

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