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Window glass is present in any part of daily life, and it can look beautiful when it is clean and sparkling. It is natural to want your new or old window looks spotless as the day they were initiated. Clean windows do a lot of things for a home. A clean window can allow more light into your home and make you feel more comfortable and makes a bond to connect you with the outdoors.

Glass gets dirty very quickly, and keeping the glass clean around your home can be a challenge unless you have the correct tools and techniques to get dust-free glasses. There is some art of science behind cleaning the window glasses, the direction of wiping, and types of material play a vital role in keeping glass spot-free.

Best Ways to Cleaning Window Glass without Streaking

  1. Avoid using glass cleaners based on ammonia.
  2. Never use a razor or other cleaning materials with a sharp edge.
  3. Always use a soft and lint-free wipe while removing the solutions.
  4. Clean with clean water without mixing any solution once.
Window Glass Cleaning

List of Window cleaning tools

  1. Soft-bristled brush
  2. High equality squeegee
  3. Fine steel wool
  4. Strip applicator with cloth head
  5. Ladder
  6. Bucket
  7. Scrubbing pad
  8. Dishwashing liquid or white vinegar
  9. Soft rags
  10. Rubber gloves

Here are some cleaning tips that you can use to keep your window glass clear from both inside and outside.

  1. Clean From Top to Bottom
  2. Use a squeegee
  3. Try Homemade Window Cleaner
  4. Wash Window on a Cloud Day
  5. Use Newspapers
  6. It’s up to you

A step-by-step guide

1. Clean From Top to Bottom

When you were clean from top to bottom, you work with gravity instead of against it. Start with the tallest window first and allow dust and dirt to collect with soft cotton cloths. Many glass and window cleaners can cause damage to the framed wood areas of our mirrors and windows. Excessive dripping of cleaning agents can also damage the window. Begin at the top and work your way down to make sure no drip will happen on the surface of the glass. Spray the window in small sections and swipe the moist gently.

2. Use a squeegee

Wiping with cloths doesn’t remove all of the cleaning solutions and re-wiping the area of glass only consumes your time. Squeegee can prevent mineral formation and remove streaks from window glass. You can accomplish your task faster by using a squeegee. This removes excess moisture, which can help to prevent the growth of water spots. This squeegee has the capability of improving the cleaning process faster. A long-handed squeegee is the best squeegee for cleaning all types of window glasses.

3. Try Homemade Window Cleaner

The homemade solution does the best job, is more eco-friendly, and doesn’t contain unknown harmful chemicals. To make a homemade chemical-free product mix 1 cup of rubbing alcohol and 1 cup of water with 1 cup of tablespoon vinegar. Always use isopropyl alcohol and white vinegar mixture to clean stains from the surface of the glass. Spray the solvent on the glass and wipe it with clean and soft cotton cloths. These types of solvents also help to shine hard tiles, sinks, and other surfaces.

4. Wash Window on a Cloud Day

Cleaning the window on a cloudy day prevents moisture from the surface. You may think this should be the opposite as you can see the dust particle striking the glass better with the sun streaming in. However, the sun can dry the moisture and removes streaks. Wipe the surface and will remain until you wipe it away, and you will end up with a bright streak-free, and eye-catching view.

4. Use Newspapers

Print media may be dying, by the application of newspapers around the home is not. Using newspaper to clean window glass makes for a free cleaning surface. Newspaper is inexpensive and made from pulped and recycled paper which is leading to less environmental impact than other methods.

5. It’s up to you

All of those tools are effective in cleaning windows glass. But ultimately it’s up to you to choose what you will use. Never limit yourself to one. You can adopt various effective cleaning procedure all of which gives the best cleaning to your old and new windows and gives better result in a short period.

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