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Are you confused for deciding how frequently you should hire a professional carpet cleaner?

When it comes to vacuuming, you should do it on a weekly basis. If the carpet receives heavy traffic, the need for vacuuming increases, but it is still not enough. Even after using the vacuum regularly, you may not get the results of a professional cleaner. The cleaning done by yourself cannot match the cleaning done by professional cleaners using the best types of equipment available in the market. Hiring professional help is advisable. If you think about how often you clean the carpet in your home, the answer is every few months. More specifically, you can keep your carpet in pristine condition by booking a professional cleaner at least once every 12 to 18 months. This is the recommended frequency to deep clean your carpet. Remember that every product is different and it has to be treated differently. So, let’s clean according to their type.

Factors that affect the frequency of cleaning

  1. When you have Light-Colored Carpet: Remember that light-colored carpets need more attention and it has to be cleaned more frequently. They can brighten up a room but can also be cluttered if not cleaned on a regular basis. As such, light colors need more cleanliness. For example, people with white carpets need to be diligent in the cleaning process. This means that you should regularly vacuum and clean them. Washing and steaming every three months shall help you keep it clean, bright, and shiny.
  2. When you have Kids: Kids love to run around the house and make a mess all the time. Carpets are also on the long list of things kids love to mess up with. From dropping food to walking in muddy shoes, children can dirty the floor in many ways. As a result, the need for a cleaning process increases exponentially. If you have one or more children in your home, you should vacuum daily. There will be a large amount of leftover food, and dirt that needs to be removed. Every six months, you will also need to use shampoo and conditioner. Even with these two solutions, the process is not complete. To maintain that shine, you’ll need to contact a professional cleaning team every 8-12 months.
  3. When you have Pets: The situation with pets is much worse than with children. Their muddy feet are enough to form giant stains on your expensive rugs. Worse still, they can transmit fluff, lice, and even parasites to the floor. If you have pets living in your home, daily vacuuming is a must. You should also do a deep carpet cleaning every 3-6 months. Cleaning up pet clutter is not easy. Pet owners need to know how often their carpet needs professional cleaning to maintain its appearance. Delaying cleaning promotes poor hygiene and can also cause odors.
  4. When you have Smokers: When you have smokers in the house, all the nicotine and tar have nowhere to go besides into your carpet fibers. This means it will go straight to your carpet. To treat cigarette tar and nicotine stains, you have to wash carpets at least every 3-6 months. More often for heavy smokers and less so for light or moderate smokers. It wouldn’t hurt to do it more often. If you have smokers in the house, you will need professional cleaning to keep their smoking stains and odors away from your carpet. to maintain its appearance and odor.
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Tips for cleaning your carpet

Carpet washing is essential, but there are a few tips you need to remember.

  • Clean the carpet before it’s too dirty.
  • Avoid covering the carpet as moisture may remain in the underlayment.
  • All carpets must be completely dry before the furniture is put back in place.
  • Do not allow people to walk on it before it’s fully dry.
  • Take time to vacuum before washing your carpets.
  • Go slow when vacuuming weekly to make sure you get all the particles hidden in the fiber.
  • Follow all instructions when washing your carpet at home to ensure proper cleaning.
  • Place doormats outside and inside all entrance doors to trap dirt before it reaches the carpet.
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