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Hitech Cleaning


A stain is a discoloration that can be recognized from the surface, medium, and material. Staining on the surface is caused by the chemical or physical interaction of two, unlike materials. Stains absorb substances easily, causing them to become covered with marks or any colored chemicals. So, a stain removal guide is necessary for every […]
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Rug cleaning is also a job done by an expert, with experts care the dust & dirt is removed and they also provide colour testing inside the fibres and give back new life to them. A rug is a thick floor covering material made from animal skins or woollen materials which is not used to […]
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Professional Water Damage Restoration Process

What is Professional Water Damage Restoration? Professional Water damage restoration is a professional term used to describe any possible damage caused by the water, that results in cracking and breaking of any part of an appliance or system containing steam or water. Water damage will enable the attack of a material by destructive processes. Common […]
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Importance of Residential Cleaning in Kathmandu

The Importance of Residential Cleaning in Kathmandu – With the growing population and busy lifestyle, it has become hard to keep our surroundings clean. Whether you are working in Kathmandu or living here, you need to be aware of how important residential cleaning can be, especially when it comes to ensuring your personal health and […]
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Are you confused for deciding how frequently you should hire a professional carpet cleaner? When it comes to vacuuming, you should do it on a weekly basis. If the carpet receives heavy traffic, the need for vacuuming increases, but it is still not enough. Even after using the vacuum regularly, you may not get the […]
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