House/Apartment/Office Cleaning in Kathmandu
"Neat and Clean is Our Perfect Dream"
House/Apartment/Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Cleaning your office and home has never been easier when you outsource the cleaning jobs to us. We will help you keep your office and home in tip-top condition for your customers and guests like acca college in nepal Our cleaning and maintenance services
include cleaning carpets, cleaning sofas, cleaning office partitions and office furniture, washing and cleaning the washrooms, mopping and cleaning factory floors, using water jets to clean walls and hard-to-clean surfaces, cleaning tall and hard-to-reach windows and polishing your marble tops (kitchen counters & kitchen islands). Enhance the professional image of your business with a customized cleaning service program from Hiiech cleaning Service. Hitech Cleaning Service has been committed to providing high quality, affordable commercial office cleaning services throughout the Kathmandu and all around Nepal

  • ·Health & Safety: When it comes to
    large office cleaning services, the health and safety of you and your employees
    are our top priority. We want to create a clean work environment that prevents
    germs from spreading.
  • Eco-Friendly: Hitech Cleaning Service aims to use the
    highest quality safe, green, and biodegradable cleaning agents whenever and
    wherever possible.
  • ·Affordability: We are happy to offer competitive
    pricing when it comes to routine and one-time cleaning services for large
  • ·Convenience: There’s no way to understate the importance of
    convenience when it comes to office cleaning. As a business owner, you need a
    cleaning company that’s going to be there and get the job done when it’s needed.
    We pride ourselves on our superior dependability and experience.
  • Family-Owned Company: As a local and family-owned company, we care about our community and
    local business owners. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed

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